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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is a method men and women around the country are demanding to achieve optimized hormone levels. BioTE® Certified Providers are equipped to provide consistent and individually-dosed, optimized hormone levels for men and women using cardio-activated, subcutaneous pellets placed under the skin. This method provides continuous delivery of hormones (testosterone for men and estrogen and testosterone for women) to the body as needed.

More than ever, opportunities in the Preventative Health market are vast with 60% of Americans age 65+ pursuing anti-aging interventions, including hormone replacement therapies and dietary supplements.

That makes NOW the ideal time to become a BioTE® Certified Provider.

BioTE® provides a turn-key opportunity for our providers. We offer:

  • Comprehensive BHRT pellet training by physicians including a state-of-the-art facility and hotel accommodations
  • Continued training and support
  • Dosing Site for patient optimization accuracy
  • “Turn Key” business/marketing model
  • Physician Liaisons are dedicated in facilitating the complete BioTE®  system integration into your practice
  • Minimal out-of-pocket investment in training to obtain your certification

Becoming a BioTE® provider is essential for staying relevant and successful in the competitive Preventative Health market. For more information, or to become a BHRT preferred provider, contact us today!

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BioTE® has given us the opportunity to offer a natural product that transforms our patients' lives. Thanks to BioTe we feel that our practice is complete.
Dr. Sheila Ashby, Navitas Med Boutique
As gynecologists, we often hear from patients concerns over symptoms… BioTE® allows us to assist our patients in improving their quality of life with something as simple as a pellet inserted in the hip area, which has helped them to transform their lives.
Dr. María E. Bonnín, Navitas Med Boutique