Dr. Gary Donovitz' personal response to
JAMA's Testosterone Therapy Study:

BioTE Partners,

Several of you have contacted us about a recent study that was published regarding the risks of testosterone therapy as it relates to heart disease.  We are well aware of this and have responded to this study (See press release link below, as well as attachment)
Some quick bullet points that you should know about the study:

  1. The average age of the male patients was over 60.
  2. Patients had initial testosterone levels below 200 (already unhealthy) and taking other medications.
  3. This was a 5 year study however the average time that each patient was on testosterone therapy was only 373 days.
  4. ALL testosterone was synthetic (Patches, gels, injectable, oral), no bio-identical hormones were used.

This is much like the similar, lackluster WHI study:

  • Wrong Patients
  • Wrong Drug
  • Wrong Delivery Method

What would you expect?

I wanted you to see our response and to give you some information in case your patients ask about this article.

Thanks for all you do, keep fighting the good fight and helping patients with natural hormone replacement.

Here is a link to BioTE Medical's official press release on the matter.

Dr. Neal Rouzier, a leading hormone therapy expert who has trained thousands of physicians, crafted his own response to JAMA's controversial, faulty article. Read Dr. Rouzier's thoughts here.

Committed to Excellence,

Gary Donovitz MD
Founder BioTE® Medical

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