Pellet Therapy Training

Pellet Therapy Training

Integrate the Country's Largest Balanced Hormone Replacement Therapy Solution into Your Practice for Patient Health and Retention.

The BioTE® Network of Certified providers consists of some of the most respected and highly sought after doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants across the United States who have successfully treated tens of thousands of patients using the BioTE® Method. The BioTE® Medical Advisory board consists of world renowned experts and authors including Neal Rouzier M.D., Derrick DeSilva M.D., and founder of BioTE® Medical, Gary S. Donovitz M.D. The BioTE® Method consistently gains distinction in the medical community through our constant educational message and commitment to helping medical practitioners, as well as their patients to begin living healthier, happier lives through optimal hormone balance.

Pellet Therapy Training


Pellet Therapy Training

BioTE® Liaison Support

Every BioTE® Practitioner is assigned a Physician Liaison for integrating and supporting BioTE® in each practice. Each Liaison has in-depth knowledge of BHRT and how it will integrate best with each certified practice.

Liaisons assist your practice with all launch, marketing, business and training solutions.

Pellet Therapy Training

Training and Support

Comprehensive training courses including didactic sessions taught by world renowned Physicians, Practitioners and authors such as Neal Rouzier M.D., Derrick DeSilva M.D. and Gary S. Donovitz M.D..

As part of BioTE® Medical's dedication to improving quality of care, provider profit and patient health, all of our pellet therapy providers are eligible to receive specialized hormone pellet therapy training.

Our pellet therapy training for doctors comes directly from our experienced team of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy experts. BioTE® Medical is proud to offer special training events on a monthly basis, along with ongoing pellet therapy training and support.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Training for Doctors

Doctors and healthcare professionals who receive BioTE® hormone pellet therapy training receive increased knowledge of not just the pelleting procedure itself but also:

  • Best practices
  • Marketing Tools
  • Training Videos
  • Access to BioTE®'s Comprehensive Dosing Website
  • Advertising and Marketing Support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee on hormone pellet therapy training for doctors

Part of BioTE® Medical's training includes a dedicated physician liaison. This liaison acts as a guide to all things BioTE®, from training to support and everything in between. BioTE® liaisons are specially trained to help pellet therapy providers understand and best utilize the comprehensive BioTE® Method.

Learn Pellet Therapy & Become a Member of the BioTE® Family

BioTE® hormone pellet therapy is quickly gaining notoriety in the media and is a procedure that potential patients will ask for by name. As more patients discover the amazing health benefits of hormone pellet therapy, the training will become necessary for modern medical practices to stay relevant.

BioTE® hormone pellet therapy training give practices a way to not just learn hormone pellet therapy, but also evolve beyond managed care to become self-sufficient and successful in today's changing medical marketplace.

BioTE® providers enjoy comprehensive pellet therapy training that includes:

  • Monthly pellet therapy seminars
  • Ongoing support from dedicated liaisons
  • Advertising and Marketing support

Beyond training for pellet therapy, BioTE® providers receive access to a high-quality, safe product with proven results. The BioTE® business model is designed from the ground up to be "Turn Key", and has provided success to doctors and practices all over the country.

Simply put, BioTE® provides the most comprehensive BHRT pellet therapy training in the country. If you're interested in becoming a BioTE® provider and receiving training, call (877) 992-4683 or contact us online today.

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Marcy Hanson Testimonial

I've watched BioTE ® training evolve over the years. It's REALLY IMPRESSIVE and worthwhile for the physicians to attend. Their training goes into detail and gives you all the MARKETING and CLINICAL tools you need.

Marcy Henson N.P. • Prosper, Texas
DeAn Strobel Testimonial

BioTE® is by far the BEST SERVICE I have ever introduced in my practice.

DeAn Strobel M.D. • Sherman, Texas
Mark Eldore Testimonial

I was IMMEDIATELY IMPRESSED and am CONVINCED that the BioTE® Method has MORE TO OFFER than any other hormone replacement approach.

Mark Eldore M.D. • Athens, Texas
Steve Komadina Testimonial

I BOOKED THE LARGEST MONTHLY CASH REVENUE IN 45 YEARS of practice after becoming a BioTE® Certified Provider.

Steve Komadina M.D.