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What providers are saying about BioTE®

"I was IMMEDIATELY IMPRESSED and am CONVINCED that the BioTE® Method has MORE TO OFFER than any other hormone replacement approach."
Mark Eldore M.D. • Athens, Texas

"BioTE® is by far the BEST SERVICE I have ever indroduced in my practice."
DeAn Strobel M.D. • Sherman, Texas

"I've watch BioTE ® training evolve over the years. It's REALLY IMPRESSIVE and worthwhile for the physicians to attend. Their training goes into detail and gives you all the MARKETING and CLINICAL tools you need."
Marcy Henson N.P. • Prosper, Texas

"I BOOKED THE LARGEST MONTHLY CASH REVENUE IN 45 YEARS of practice after becoming a BioTE® Certified Provider."
Steve Komadina M.D.

"The BEST THING I can say about BioTE® is the POSITIVE FEEDBACK I get from my patients. REVENUE HAS INCREASED DRAMATICALLY thanks to happy patients."
Walter Gaman M.D.

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All-Inclusive Business Integration Benefits Include

  • 100% Business Integration
  • Increased Patient Retention
  • Unmatched Training & Support
  • Created by Physicians
  • Highest Quality Product Control
  • Physician Liaison Support
  • Complete Nutraceutical Line
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • National Media Exposure
  • Improved Patient Health
  • Age-Related Illness Prevention
  • National Media Exposure

BioTE® has given us the opportunity to offer a natural product that transforms our patients' lives. Thanks to BioTe we feel that our practice is complete.
Dr. Sheila Ashby, Navitas Med Boutique
As gynecologists, we often hear from patients concerns over symptoms… BioTE® allows us to assist our patients in improving their quality of life with something as simple as a pellet inserted in the hip area, which has helped them to transform their lives.
Dr. María E. Bonnín, Navitas Med Boutique